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Daikin round flow ceiling cassette

Round flow ceiling cassette, ranging from
18,000 Btu - 42,000 indoor unit.
Feature 360º airflow for draft reduction, 23
different potential airflow patterns for flexibility,
and lower air rates for enhanced airflow
dispersal maximizing customizable choice with
real flexibility.
Daikin VRV S RXYMQ heat pump
DAIKIN VRV III RXYQ 6 ton heat pump
Fujitsu multi zone ductless heat pump
Sanyo single zone ductless heat pump
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Daikin round flow ceiling cassette
Daikin VRV S multi split ductless heat pump
Daikin AC ductless multi split heat pump
Daikin AC Skyair ceiling suspended heat pump
DAIKIN FXLQ floor standing
Fujitsu floor universal air conditioner
Fujitsu Floor, wall, ceiling universal mounted
unit, This ductless heat pump can easily
installed either on Floor, wall or on the
ceiling, slim and lightweight esthetic design,
powerful performance ideal for retail stores,
restaurants and bars. Models range from
18,000 Btu - 24,000 Btu.
Daikin AC Skyair
Daikin AC VRV III Air conditioners
Daikin AC VRVR III Lineup
Daikin AC Outdoor units
Daikin AC Skyair heat pump
Daikin AC Skyair ductless Heat pump
Daikin AC Skyair ductless air conditioning
Sanyo eco-i outdoor unit
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heat pump
Mitsubishi Y series H2i
Mitsubishi Y series H2i
Ductless Heat pumps - Heating & cooling
Residential heat pump up to 8 zones

a variety of styles and sizes, residential heat pump ranging
from single zone up to 8 zones, Ductless Heat pump
systems are relatively easy to install in average it takes 2 - 3
hours to install wall mounted single zone system, and up to
8 hours Quad zone
include  refrigerant lines and slim duct cover, wall mount
brackets for the outdoor unit, wiring for power and controls.
Indoor unit’s choices: Wall mount, floor, concealed ceiling,
flat ceiling cassette and ceiling suspended unit.
All heat pump systems provide "heating and cooling",
optimized R-410A refrigerant.
Effective energy usage

Heat pumps are an air conditioner device, produce heating
in the wintertime also cooling in summertime, highly
efficient thanks to innovative inverter technology,
environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant, this system
adapts itself specifically to that level required to keep
consistently comfortable indoor climate. This versatility
also variety of applications is virtually unlimited. Heat
Pump are an excellent choice for virtually any heating and
cooling application: Town house, apartments, retail stores,
restaurants, bars, medical-center, schools, and
universities. Daikin VRV also Mitsubishi
City-multi high performance modular systems ideal for
larger projects and industrial use.
Multi zone ductless and ducted split systems
available in single zone and multi zone, Multi
split systems can serve from two to four rooms
using only one outdoor unit, allows individual
control in each room,
Wide selections of indoor units, Choices: Wall
mounted, ducted Concealed, Floor unit, Flat
ceiling cassette and ceiling suspended
units, Capacity range: 7,000 Btu - 24,000 Btu

Brands: Fujitsu, Daikin AC, Sanyo,
Mitsubishi, Friedrich, Carrier,
DAIKIN Multi split Systems
2- zone and 4- zones multi-split systems are
able to serve 2, 3 or 4 zones from 115 possible
combinations, choices include: all wall mount,
all slim duct units or a combination of both, with
energy efficiency up to SEER 19.5 and HSPF 9.5.
Daikin VRV -S Eight zone ductless heat pump
The VRV-S allows for heating and cooling up
to eight zones, using single outdoor unit.
Unlike regular multi split system that required
two refrigerant lines for each indoor unit, the
VRV-S technology design to operates with
only two refrigerant lines, connected to all
indoor units through Refnet Joint, dramatically
reduce cost, materials and installation time,
outstanding heating and cooling
performance, Quite operation as low as 28db
and flexibility of installation and use
Design flexibility, The VRV-S allows all type of
indoor unit connection: wall, floor, ceiling
suspended, concealed unit, or flat ceiling
cassette at the same time, variety indoor unit’s
types and options to meet your design needs.
Sanyo wall mount Heat pump

eliminate the need for ductwork, mount high on the
wall deliver heating and cooling, wireless or wired
remote, available capacities: 9,000, 12,000, 18,000,
24,000, 30,000, 36,000 Btu.
FXDQ_MVJU Concealed slim duct indoor unit
for use with all VRV systems,
ducted concealed indoor unit, Low profile and
low sound level ideal for installation into
limited ceiling space, bulkhead or soffit.
Capacity range: 7,500 - 24,000 Btu
FXHQ MVJU Ceiling suspended
for use with: VRV-S, VRV III-S, VRV III,
Slim, elegant design, less
than 8" great fit for wide air openings
provide a comfortable air flow and
silent stream fan.
Models range from 12,000 - 36,000 Btu.
Daikin Skyair Ceiling suspended
available in: 18,000, 24,000, 30,000,
36,000 and 42,000 Btu
Daikin Floor standing FXLQ overview

Floor or wall mounted can easily be freestanding
or installed along a perimeter wall
Ideal for installation beneath a window, requires
minimal installation space
Models range from 12,000 Btu to 24,000 Btu.
Daikin VRV III new design for large buildings, it utilizes
the latest advances in refrigeration and air-conditioning
technology, new inverter compressor systems delivers
improved efficiency and performance, independent
zoning control with power choice of
460V/3Ph/60Hz or 208-230V/3Ph/60Hz
the Heat Pump or Heat Recovery configurations power
up to 20-Ton, Capacity from a single piping network, the
System also allows up to 41 indoor fan coils
Units, a 200% connection index,
SkyAir The ultimate duct-free solution for
restaurants, shops, small offices, data rooms and
more light commercial projects, also great for large
residential bonus rooms,
Single zone:
SkyAir heat pump choices, Wall
mounted, 4-way cassette and ceiling cassette,
capacities range from 18,000 Btu up to 42,000 Btu,
efficiency up to 17 SEER, Max piping length 230 ft.,
Max high difference 164 ft. Low ambient cooling
operation down to 0ºF, operating range-heating
(outdoor-dB) 0ºF, Designed for use in shops,
restaurants and small office.
Daikin VRV III RXYQ  Features
Multi zone heat pump system

Daikin VRV
is an applied air conditioning system that
distributes refrigerant to the fan coil units in the
conditioned spaces, rather than water.
High efficiency variable speed "inverter" compressor
coupled with inverter fan motor for superior system part
load performance.
The compressor capacity modulated automatically to
maintain a constant suction pressure, while varying the
refrigerant volume to deliver precisely the needs of the
cooling and heating load.

Design flexibility
wall mounted, floor, concealed ceiling, and ceiling
suspended and flat ceiling cassette.

Capacities available:
outdoor units, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 or 20 ton, indoor
units 7,500, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30, 33, 36, 42, and 48,000 Btu.
Continuous operation 0°F DB (-5°F WB) – 64°F DB (60°
F WB) in heating mode and 23°F DB – 110°F DB in
cooling mode longest pipe lengths in product class (up
to 3,280 ft.)
Compared inverter technology

Inverter technology can be compared to the technology
in a car: "the harder you push the accelerator, the faster
you go." An inverter unit will gradually increase the
compressor speed based on the capacity needed to
cool down or heat up the room a system without
inverter technology can be compared to turning on or
off lamp. Turning on this type of unit will start to run on
full load.
    Inverter technology advantages

  • The system operates at the required capacity, delivering the amount of cooling or
    heating to maintain the desired comfort condition.
  • Startup time is reduced by one-third (compared to normal on/off units.)
  • Avoids cycling operation of the compressor, thus reduced costly current (amp) peaks.
  • Minimizes temperature fluctuations.
  • Reduces the energy consumption by one-third (compared to normal on/off units).
Variable speed compressor

All Daikin heat pump systems employ inverter “variable
speed" compressors and non-ozone depletion
potential R-410A refrigerant,
Revolutionary technology, precise temperature
control that constantly readjust itself to the
environment and changing occupancy.
Daikin RXMYQ VRV III-S 48,000 Btu (8 zones)
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Sanyo ECO -i Two way heat pump
Ductless Heat Pump | High-efficiency  Heating and cooling from one source

Ductless heat pumps provide heating and cooling from a single system, air-conditioning in summer and heating in the winter, no
Furnace, no electric heater, enhanced air quality  and whisper quite operation. Easy to install easier to operates.
Our most efficient unit features for comfort and convenience year round. During heating mode, unit efficiently heats by using
approximately 1/4 of the energy required by electric unit
Exceptional heating performance down to -13 ºF

Mitsubishi hyper inverter heat pumps design to heat in extreme low
temperatures, provides
heating and cooling, comfort all year round,
enable to provide up to 100% heating capacity at 5 ºF and 75% at
-13 ºF. Setting a new standard in heat pump performance.
Single & Multi zone - Flexible product range

Variety of choices, different style and capacities,
ductless heat pumps available from single zone
7,000 Btu up to 64 zones connected to up to 360,000
Btu outdoor unit on a single network,
choose your indoor unit style, either wall mounted, floor,
ceiling cassette, ceiling suspended or concealed unit.
Ductless heat pumps give you independent zoning
control with maximum flexibility plus energy savings.
heat pump
Heat Pump efficiency

Heat Pump Provide Heating & air-conditioning.
Ductless heat pump is Air conditioner that required the
least amount of electricity to transfer heat from one
area to another.

Heat transfer
Heat pumps are more efficient than any different
methods of heating since heat pumps do not really
produce heat - they simply transfer the air from one
Point to another. The output of an efficient 10 EER heat
pump is triples compare to an electric heater.

How heat pump run
Heat pumps run in reverse, Switching from heating to
cooling; produce heating plus cooling from one source.
Most heat pumps run best in a moderate climate.
Others designed to heat at extreme-cold temperature,
down to -15 ºF, still provide 100% heating at 0 zero

Cost effective heating
Low ambient heat pumps systems designed to heat at
low temperature efficiently, help to reduce energy cost
by one-third compared to a gas furnace, they control
each zone individually also safe to operate, provide
heating and cooling, one system offers comfort and
control all year round.
daikin FXMQ_MVJU ceiling concealed fan coil unit
Daikin RXYMQ
Daikin VRV indoor units
Daikin VRV-S
Daikin wall mounted FXAQ MVJU
Daikin FXAQ_MVJU ductless Wall mounted indoor unit for use with:
VRV-S, VRV III-S, VRV III, VRV-WII, and capacity ranging from 7,500 Btu
– 24,000 Btu, Ideal for heating and cooling smaller zones such as
hotel rooms, apartments, stores, small offices and restaurants. Flat
stylish design lets the unit blend discreetly any interior design, and
airflow can be sent in any of five different directions and programed via
wired or wireless remote.
FXMQ MVJU Concealed ceiling
for use with VRV III and VRV-WII
FXMQ_MVJU is a ducted fan coil ideal for larger
open space floor plan as offices, hotels, schools,
universities, education facilities and churches.
Greater design flexibility ranging capacity:
72,000 Btu – 96,000 Btu
Daikin FXDQ MVJU slim duct concealed
Daikin FXHQ MVJU ceiling suspended indoor unit
Daikin FXHQ MVJU ceiling suspended
Mitsubishi Mr Slim Dual Zone System
Mitsubishi CITY MULTI VRFZ Variable Refrigerant
Flow Zoning Systems
Ductless & Ducted Heat Pump & Heat recovery
(Y- / WY- / S-Series)
City Multi Hyper Heating
R & Y-Series
Building Comfort Solutions

R series - Heat Recovery
Heating & Cooling
Y Series
- Two-pipe Zoned System
designed for
Heat Pump Operation.
City Multi R and Y Series
H2i Y- series Heat Pump (exclusively
By Mitsubishi)

Hyper-Heating inverter provide heating
& cooling 75% heating capacity down
to -13˚ F outdoor temperature and
100% capacity at 5˚ F
City Multi S-Series heat pump
S-Series Heat pump type
(heating & cooling)

for homes and small offices up to 4
Ton single Phase
A maximum of eight indoor units can
be connected to  a single outdoor unit
with 130% connected capacity
City Multi R and Y Series
City Multi S-Series
City Multi H2i Hyper inverter
Ductless Air conditioners & heat pump
Ductless AC & Heat Pump
EPA certified contractor
heat pump services


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Ductless heat pumps systems
NY NJ | Heat Pump | Ductless & Central | Installation & Repair
Low ambient | Hyper heat | Ductless and Central |
Heat pump services | Maintenance

Pacific HVAC Air conditioner is a heat pump contractor.
Servicing, installing and repair all brand of ductless heat pump, Air
Moreover, water source heat pumps, ductless and ducted. No matter
what type or you own residential, commercial, or industrial. We
guarantee to fix and resolve any problems of your system.

Additional we propose annual maintenance program for residential
applications, include single and multi-split system up to eight-zones,
keeping your systems up and running all year round.

Wide Range | Different capacity | Major Brand

Extensive range: Wall, Floor standing, concealed, and ceiling mount.
Indoor unit sizes ranging: from 6,000 Btu up to 96,000 Btu.
Major Brands: Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Daikin AC, Sanyo, Samsung,
Friedrich, Panasonic, Carrier, Trane, LG, and York

Smart choice | easy and quick installation

Ductless Heat pump has the advantages of a duct-free installation
reducing material and labor costs.
Instead of a large condensing units with loud compressor and
extensive duct-work, Ductless heat pump system is comprised of
relative compact and small. Quickly located quite outdoor units and a
connected pair of Refrigerant lines. This line slides into a small
3-inch hole through a Wall connecting to an indoor unit. There are
few electrical Connections to make. Most heat pump systems can be
installed and running in several hours.

Heating at low ambient temperature

We offer low ambient heat pump systems, operate in heating
Mode at low outdoor temperature yet down to -15 ºF. Low
ambient Heat pump systems engineered and design to heat at very
low outdoor temperature, eliminate the need for backup heat.
Daikin SkyAir
light commercial Heat pump
heat pump
heat pump
  • Installing and servicing all ductless heat pumps
  • Repair all make and models
  • Residential and commercial ductless heat pumps
    expert: Mitsubishi, Daikin AC, Fujitsu, Sanyo, Friedrich,
  • Trouble shooting and repair
  • installing low ambient heat pump down to -22 ºF
  • installing up to 30 Ton ductless heat pump
  • Installing VRV systems heat pump & heat recovery
  • Installing DVM heat pump, Residential & commercial
  • Heat pumps system diagnoses and leaks repair
  • Heat pumps replace - indoor & outdoor units
  • Indoor and outdoor motherboard repair or replace
  • Drain clogged repair
  • Fix Multi city network control
  • Diagnose and replace compressor
  • Indoor fan, outdoor fan replace
  • Motor replace
  • Repair piping leak and add refrigerant
  • Fix electrical problem
  • Fix Airflow problem
  • Cleaning indoor & outdoor coil
  • Annually Maintenance program
  • Extended warranty for all Mitsubishi Air conditioner &
    heat pump system include City Multi
  • Water cooled heat pump commercial installation
  • Heat recovery heating & cooling installation
  • Radiant heating and domestic hot water installation
Ductless Heat pump: Products and
heat pump
Ductless Heat Pump systems Installation
Taken during installation process By Pacific HVAC Air
conditioner,Fujitsu, Daikin AC, Mitsubishi and Samsung
Fujitsu High SEER Wall mounted Heat pump
9,000-15,000 Btu
Energy Efficiency up to 26 SEER
Application: residential & light commercial.
Fujitsu 9RLS condensing unit
Fujitsu 9RLS wall mount AC
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 Heat pumps services
heat pump
heat pump
heat pump
heat pump
heat pump
heat pump
heat pump
heat pump
heat pump
Fujitsu 8 zone light commercial heat pump
Fujitsu HFI - Hybrid Flex Inverter 48,000 Btu
up to 8 zone system
Fujitsu Heat Pump Provide Heating and cooling

Fujitsu Hybrid Flex Inverter (HFI) system enables you to connect up to 8 indoor units to one outdoor
condensing unit, creating 8 different zones. HFI system provides both heating also cooling for
year-round comfort. Choose from three indoor unit styles: wall mounted, cassette and slim duct,
most suit your decor. A Central Remote Control enables you to manage any of the indoor units
from one keypad. Create the right combinations, the right size, the right style indoor units, and the
appropriate capacity. That's the right decision for your home or business.
Fujitsu Hybrid flex inverter heat pump
Indoor Units options - Specifications
Optional Centralized Remote control

Wired Remote control can control up to 8
indoor units
We provide full HVAC service on heat pump ductless & ducted heat pump, include HVAC installation, repair, and
maintenance. We offer A wide versatility of Heat pump system that can practically fit in any applications. Extensive
selections of indoor unit type: Wall, Floor, ceiling concealed, ceiling cassette and suspended units.
Additionally offer low-ambient heat pump operates  at extreme low outdoor temperature down to -15°F.

Inverter technology allows each system to adjust capacity and heating output to provide only the amount heating
needed at given time.
Ductless heat pump is a cost-effective alternative to traditional gas furnace systems.

The ducted Inverter heat pump can replace an old gas system, using existing ductwork.  You gain the energy
saving, reducing energy consumption and improving comfort, utilizing high-efficiency for the two: Heating plus

More information about Heat Pump
Daikin FCQ round flow cassette
Daikin FXLQ floor mount
    Ductless Heat Pump service | Installation | Repair | maintenance | in NY & NJ

  • Ductless heat pump installation: single and multi-zone wall mount, floor, concealed, cassette, ceiling suspended
  • Applications: residential, Light commercial, Industrial
  • Ductless Heat pump service & Maintenance: diagnoses testing and inspections, coils and filters cleaning  routine
    maintenance and regular check, inspect heat pump wiring, replace air filter, inspect drain pipe and condensate
    pump, inspect coils for frost and ice, inspect pressure, optimize super heat & sub cooling
  • Ductless Heat pump repair: single and multi-zone, compressor, PC board, expansions valves, coils, controls,
    Refrigerant leaking, coil and pipe repair, drain pipe, condensate pump, communications line, power line, error code,
  • Ductless heat pump replace: Parts, indoor unit, outdoor unit, compressor, PC board, coils, valves, refrigerant lines,
    condensate pump, communications and power line, Remote control, dust filter, electric filter,
  • Ducted heat pump: installation, repair, maintenance, residential light commercial, industrial
  • Low ambient heat pump installation down to -15 f.
heat pump
heat pump
Wall mount
Floor stading unit
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Ceiling suspended
ductless heat pump systems
ductless heat pump
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